Food is fuel – for the body and soul. However, many food production practices have a highly negative impact on our planet, with greenhouse gas emissions and increased energy consumption being the most significant factors. Yet, whilst we cannot eliminate the carbon emissions caused by the food we eat, we can choose more environmentally friendly options.

Protein, for example, is an essential component of any healthy diet, particularly for children who need protein to grow and stay healthy. As we now know, animal protein production is extremely harmful to the environment because it necessitates using numerous resources, such as land, animal feed, chemical fertilizers, and water. Furthermore, livestock produces large amounts of methane, exacerbating the environmental impact of animal farming. Whilst many adults are  eliminating or reducing the amount of meat and and cow’s milk they consume, many families have been hesitant to do so. Yet there are plenty of

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If you’re planning to explore the beautiful top of New Zealand’s South Island, then making the scenic drive from Picton to Nelson or Nelson to Picton at least once will be essential!  

Luckily, the Picton to Nelson drive is one of the most impressive drives in the country.  So, you may as well make the most of it by stopping off at all the impressive attractions along the way.

We’ve completed this drive on a few separate occasions and in this blog post we’ll outline the must-stop places on this epic road trip.  We’ve done our best to keep it in order, so if you’re driving from Nelson to Picton just reverse the order. 

About the Drive From Picton to Nelson

Firstly, there are two routes you can choose from: the scenic route, and the Blenheim route.  If you’re planning to head both ways at some point then we’d recommend

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New Zealand’s Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places to visit in New Zealand so making the scenic drive from Queenstown to Milford Sound is essential – unless you can afford a scenic flight with Air Milford instead!

Luckily the drive itself is almost as beautiful as the Milford Sound, with plenty of different landmarks along the way to keep you busy and entertained.

There are countless incredible places to stop along the way, however, we’ve narrowed it down to 21 of our favourites and listed them all out in order.  

With how many there are, it’s up to you how you choose to tackle them.  It’s pretty likely you’ll be driving both ways, so we’d typically recommend doing some on the drive to Milford Sound and then the rest on the drive back. 

About the Drive From Queenstown to Milford Sound

The drive from Queenstown to Milford

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After two months in Argentina, I finally made it to Ushuaia, and the town quickly became my favorite destination in the country. Here’s a list of my top things to do in Ushuaia, some of which I did, and some of which are on my bucket list for when I return.

Best Activities to Do in Ushuaia, Patagonia

Ushuaia from the Drone (Things to Do in Ushuaia)

Along with Iguazu Falls, Ushuaia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Argentina. Unlike Iguazu, there’s not really a bad time to visit Patagonia. There are plenty of things to do in Ushuaia for every season of the year. We went down at the end of October, which was after the winter sports and before the high season of summer. We had a great time and quickly learned that four days wasn’t nearly enough time.

4×4 Excursion to Lago Fagnano

Most people head straight to Tierra del Fuego, the end

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Nugget Point Lighthouse is one of New Zealand’s most iconic landscapes, featuring on screensavers and photos all across the world.  And for a good reason – this location is so unfathomably beautiful and picturesque that everyone wants to see it!

The good news is that if you’re willing to head to The Catlins, then you’ll find heading to Nugget Point Lighthouse fairly easy.  But there are a few key points to bear in mind, so we’ve put together this guide with everything you need to know about visiting Nugget Point Lighthouse. 

How to Get to Nugget Point Lighthouse

Nugget Point Lighthouse is located in The Catlins region of New Zealand, a 266km 3 ½ hour drive from Queenstown, or a 109km 1 ½ hour drive from Dunedin.  Once you’ve arrived, there is ample parking and the lighthouse is just a short walk away.

The Catlins is a beautiful region of

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