Traveling When Pregnant, Who’s Afraid?

There is an adage that says that pregnant women do not move too much, let alone travel far. The goal is that the content remains stable and maintained its nutritional intake regularly. But on the other hand traveling has begun to become a culture, anyone can do it without exception as long as there is an intention.

Flying While Pregnant: Advice and Tips

Then how do you make it so that pregnant women can continue to walk without having to worry about the condition of the baby in the womb?

First, check the condition of pregnancy to the obstetrician to make sure the baby is in good health. If everything is normal it’s not a problem for pregnant women to travel. Do not forget to ask for vitamins or medicines to prevent disease when fatigue struck on the way. Also prepare permission from the doctor if you want to get on a plane or ship.

Second, choose a convenient mode of transportation. We recommend bringing a private car because it can stop at any time if an emergency occurs. Never use a motorbike because there is a high risk of safety and comfort while traveling.

If you have to use public transportation, you should choose a travel time that is not too long and is not stuck in traffic, for example airplanes or trains. trains are more comfortable than buses for long trips. Because pregnant women urinate more often, so avoid using buses for long distance travel.

in inter-island trips other than aircraft can also use ships. Inside the ship we can move freely, but beware of sea sickness due to the shock waves. Bring anti-hangovers to avoid stomach upset and eat before leaving.

Third, bring enough food because pregnant women will get hungry easily. To avoid stopping it is better to bring food when traveling long distances. if you take public transportation can not stop at any place. traveling by train, airplane, or ship is recommended.

fourth, prepare the nearest hospital or clinic information along the way. This is useful if an emergency occurs we do not need to panic, at least can be found on the map or goggle map. If you use public transportation, look for information on officers who are on standby if something happens can contact them directly. Tell the officer there is a passenger of pregnant women, and if you get on a plane, ask for a doctor’s certificate as described above.

For the record, it is not recommended traveling for pregnant women with a gestational age less than 3 months or a month before giving birth. He is worried that bleeding will result in miscarriage because the fetus is not yet stable, or giving birth is faster than expected.

Are you ready? Let’s go Hopefully the baby will catch up with the hobby of traveling.

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