Preparation for Traveling with Your Kids

Some of my friends have been lazy to travel since they had children. He said taking small children for a walk was troublesome and tiring.

Yes, because if children travel for a long time, they usually get cranky because they are bored. Parenting expert Sharon Witt said that children who get bored easily because they sit for too long can make it difficult for their parents to navigate.

Therefore, parents must understand exactly what can make their children calm for a long time. Well, here’s a scenario to make traveling with children more fun and comfortable, as suggested by Sharon Witt, quoted from the Daily Mail.

Bring Entertaining Stuff

Traveling by car can take several hours, sometimes even days. For that, make sure that children are entertained by bringing things that can entertain them.

What’s that? Maybe we can bring some DVDs to keep the kids entertained while watching movies … Read more

Traveling When Pregnant, Who’s Afraid?

There is an adage that says that pregnant women do not move too much, let alone travel far. The goal is that the content remains stable and maintained its nutritional intake regularly. But on the other hand traveling has begun to become a culture, anyone can do it without exception as long as there is an intention.

Flying While Pregnant: Advice and Tips

Then how do you make it so that pregnant women can continue to walk without having to worry about the condition of the baby in the womb?

First, check the condition of pregnancy to the obstetrician to make sure the baby is in good health. If everything is normal it’s not a problem for pregnant women to travel. Do not forget to ask for vitamins or medicines to prevent disease when fatigue struck on the way. Also prepare permission from the doctor if you want to get on a plane or ship.

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Tips for Maintaining Health When Traveling

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Traveling abroad will certainly be the moment that we have been waiting for, it takes healthy conditions and avoid disease when you are on vacation. Very unpleasant if when we intend to spend time abroad, our body condition is not healthy. Plans to enjoy the tourist attraction certainly failed, because the body must rest in a hotel room. Of course you do not want this to disrupt your vacation, as reported by the Daily Mail, here are five tips for staying fit before undergoing long-distance flights abroad:

1. Consultation with a doctor

Before the day of departure, you should consult with a doctor who already understands your body’s health history. Follow the advice given by the doctor to ensure the vacation can be lived by staying in shape.

2. Vaccine Injections

Tell the doctor which country you will visit. There are a number of countries where a number of regions … Read more

9 Reasons To Go On A Yoga Retreat

Adventure TravelOhio gives the sandy beaches of Lake Erie for the sun worshiper. The place do you need to travel? Do you’ve gotten a possibly someday” place you’d prefer to see? Has your spouse or child talked about somewhere they wish to go, like Disney World? Have you ever seen a picture of a spot that made you want to be there? And in case you nonetheless can’t decide a spot, put a map on the wall and throw a dart. It’s okay if you happen to change your thoughts later, so do not get stuck in analysis paralysis. Choosing a destination will aid you slender down the choices to choosing a bank card that can earn you points. So go ahead and choose a spot.

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Deciphering The Disney Eating Plan

So you’ve got just gotten house from a timeshare presentation the place you had been dazzled by the prospect of a wonderful lifetime of adventures and so you bought your timeshare from the developer. And right now some sneaking suspicions are beginning to develop that you’ve got made a mistake and you’re starting to feel a bit unwell about it all.

Another downside with finding cat holes on slopes is that the necessity of hanging onto a tree or log may end in a case of poison ivy rash on one’s fingers. And if one does not acknowledge that they’ve touched poison ivy and makes use of one in every of said infected fingers to carry out private hygiene, effectively, not good. BELIEVE me. I know. Secondly, timeshare should never be bought as an investment other than an investment into your future holidays.

Another tactic they use is telling you … Read more

‘The calm after the storm’

Cindy Crawford is back with another lakeside vacation pic.  (Photo by Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images)

Cindy Crawford is back with another lakeside vacation pic. (Photo by Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing Cindy Crawford loves about summer, it’s time spent at the cottage.

On Thursday, the 56-year-old supermodel took to her Instagram stories to give her 6.6 million followers another look into her glamorous lake life.

In the photo, the mother-of-two stood barefoot on a dock overlooking a peaceful, sparkling lake. She donned a flowy beige and black animal print skirt and a cozy black sweatshirt.

The bombshell wore her chestnut brown locks in loose, natural waves, and soaked up the post-rain sun without an ounce of makeup.

“The calm after the storm,” the model wrote while tagging her husband, Rande Gerber, whom she’s been married to since 1998.

Cindy Crawford is enjoying life at the lake.  (Photo via Instagram/cindycrawford)

Cindy Crawford is enjoying life at the lake. (Photo via Instagram/cindycrawford)

Although Crawford hasn’t officially revealed her location, her family has a cottage in Muskoka,

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A third of Americans feel guilty about taking vacation, new study finds

One in three Americans said they feel guilty about taking paid time off, compared with one out of four Europeans. About 37 percent of Americans said they regret taking a vacation because of the workload before and after. Nearly half of Americans check and send work e-mails while on vacation, and about 60 percent of workers said their boss has called them during vacation.

The study proves what some may already know: Americans work more than Europeans, but feel guiltier about taking time off.

On average, Americans get about three weeks (15 days) to use each year, but only take 13. Meanwhile, Europeans get an average of 21 days off, and they take all of them. (One in 10 Europeans takes more than 30

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