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Tips for Dating a Single Parent

Are you considering dating a single parent? If you are not a parent looking for love yourself, you might have difficulty putting yourself into the shoes of a single parent dating. So, we are here to teach you a thing or two about dating a single mum or dad.

First off, imagine managing a full time job, child (or children), and a household all by yourself, and trying to have some resemblance of a social life, too. Most single parents feel like the day does not have enough hours, so their everyday life is tightly organized as they carry the burden of professional and educational responsibility completely alone: You might be working all day as a florist in London, then commuting home to help your children do their homework, preparing dinner, getting the kids to bed, falling asleep, and doing it all again the next day. There is often

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How To Avoid A Missed Flight (And How To Cope If You Happen To Miss (3)

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You is perhaps thinking it’s a bit late for that now you are on the aircraft, but I mean working out the finer details. Clearly, when you’ve booked the vacation you may have a good idea of what you want to do and where you may visit, however the flight is a very good time for reading a guidebook to seek out out opening days/times for the massive tourist sites, learn about just a few places which might be off the beaten observe, and discover listings for eating places, bars and other nightlife you would possibly need to visit.

Taaj Manzoor is my favourite of all the ‘Come Fly With Me’ characters. Taaj … Read more

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9 Amazing Things To Do In Obidos For Your Itinerary

Obidos is a beautiful medieval town in central Portugal that you simply have to visit if you’re in the country. It’s located about an hour north of Lisbon, and two hours south of Porto. At the center of this fortified, hilltop town is a castle dating back to the 13th century, although the Moors built a castle there in the 8th century, and Romans had a fort before that. In other words, the town is very rich in history.

I first time I saw Obidos was on my surfing trip to Portugal back in 2017, and I’m so glad I was able to return recently with Vanesa at the invitation of Center of Portugal to show her how beautiful it is. Obidos was our first stop on our week-long tour through Portugal, and it definitely set the stage for how beautiful the country is. We got some night shots, stayed

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The Best Portuguese Cooking Class And Relaxation

Learning local cuisines around the world is one of my favorite activities, and a Portuguese cooking class while traveling through the Center of Portugal was a must for our itinerary. Most cooking classes are in Lisbon or Porto, but there’s a unique one halfway between those two cities at the Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel. The hotel itself is wonderful to stay at with different sensory rooms and plenty of landmarks in the surrounding landscape.

Staying at Cooking and Nature

Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel

The Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel is located in the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park near the town of Porto de Mós. The hotel is one of the best in Portugal with a very unique concept and layout. The rooms are beautifully designed, the hotel offers an exclusive Portuguese cooking class, and there are plenty of hiking trails into the surrounding mountains.

12 Sensory Rooms

There are 12

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A Day At The Convent Of Christ In Tomar, Portugal

On the second day of our week-long trip through central Portugal, we spend the day at the Convento de Cristo, aka Convent of Christ, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important Templar cities on the Iberian peninsula.

Leaving the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park

After leaving the Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel where we had our Portuguese cooking class and spa treatment, it was time to make our way to Tomar, roughly 40 miles away. As we spent longer at the hotel enjoying the three pools, we were running late and didn’t have time to stop along the route.

Just a few miles northwest of the hotel is the town of Porto de Mos, and Batalha just beyond that. It was only after I left Portugal and started researching more about the trip that I realized we missed the Monastery of Bahalta, one of

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