Beginner’s Guide to Golfing with Kids

Golfing with kids can be a great way to spend time together and bond while getting some exercise. It can also be a great learning experience for kids, teaching them about the game of golf and helping them to develop their coordination, motor skills and a whole lot more. If you are thinking of taking your kids out on the golf course but are not sure where to start, read on.

Getting the Kids Started with Golf

You want to ensure the kids get excited about the game, not frustrated and ready to give up before they have even started. This is how:

Choose the right equipment

You don’t need to go out and buy a set of golf clubs for your kids just yet. Go to your local driving range and try a few out. If you want to hire a set from your local golf course, get some advice on choosing the right weight, height, and set makeup when you rent. It’s no different to giving your kids measurements when getting them kids kitted out for your single  parent ski holidays together. There is no faster way to put your kids off the golfing game than to give them clubs that are too big and heavy for them. Most junior clubs recommend that children have their own golf clubs from around 8 years of age.

Know your golf terms

If you are not a golfer and just getting started yourself, make sure that you familiarise yourself with the basic terminology before you take your kids to the golf course. This will make it easier for you to explain the game to your kids and help them understand what it is they need to look out for.

Get the kids excited

Start by playing some fun games like mini-golf or pitch-and-putt to get used to the game or buy an indoor putting green to let them get a feel for the clubs and ball and practise in a fun and less structured way. Watch golf on TV together if they are interested in that and explain some of the basic rules.

Take your time and be patient

Don’t expect your kids to be able to play a full round of golf right away – start with shorter holes and work your way up. Teaching kids how to play golf can be a patience-testing experience. It’s important that you stay calm and positive throughout the process. If your kids get frustrated, take a break, and try again another day.

Enjoy the process

Remember, the most important thing is that you and your kids are enjoying yourselves. So don’t get too caught up in trying to teach them everything at once – just relax and have fun. And put your own game on the backburner!

How to Make Golf Fun for Kids

Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it’s often thought of as a “boring” sport. If you’re struggling to make golf fun for your kids, here are a few tips:

Let them play with different clubs

Kids often get bored quickly if they’re stuck using the same clubs over and over again. So let them experiment with different clubs, such as drivers, putters, and irons. This will help them learn about the different types of shots and how to use each club effectively.

Set up obstacle courses

A great way to make golf more fun for kids is to set up an obstacle course in your back garden or at the local park. This will give them something to aim for and make the game more challenging.

Play games

There are lots of fun golf games that kids can play, such as “golf tag” or crazy golf. These games will help them learn the basic rules of golf while also keeping things fun and exciting. Learning through play is very important and your child’s development as it improves many skills, from cognitive and physical skills, to social, and emotional skills.

Get creative

If your kids are struggling to hit the ball straight, try setting up some targets for them to aim for – something fun, such as confetti or water balloon or tin cans. You could also make up a witty rhyme including all the steps needed for a correct swing.

Have breaks

The younger your kids, the shorter their attention spans will be. Make time for lots of breaks, especially when they are younger. Take snacks and a picnic lunch to refuel everyone’s energy levels and spend some quality time together between rounds of golf.

How to Find the Best Golf Gear for Kids

At some point, when your kids have started to show a serious interest in golf, you’ll need to get them some decent gear. Here are a few tips for finding the best golf gear for kids:

Look for junior clubs

Most golf stores will have a selection of junior clubs, which are designed specifically for kids. These clubs are usually lighter and shorter than adult clubs, making them easier for kids to swing.

Rent golf gear

If you are not sure if your kids will stick with golf, you can always rent clubs from a local golf course. This way, you will not have to invest in a full set of clubs until you’re sure they’re serious about the sport.

Try second-hand

If you are on a budget, try looking for used golf gear at second-hand stores or online. You might be able to find some great deals on lightly used equipment. You could also try local golf stores – they sometimes also sell lightly used clubs at discounted prices.

Get fitted

If you know your kids are going to stick with golf, and they have outgrown their junior clubs, it’s important to get them fitted for adult clubs. This will ensure that they are using clubs that are the right size and weight for their swing.

Tips for Helping Your Kids Improve Their Golf Game

If your kids are serious about playing golf, here are a few tips to help them improve their game:

Joining a junior golf programme

Most golf courses offer structured learning programme for junior golfers. Many clubs in the UK offer have registered for the Junior Golf Passport, which has three levels and can be completed through a programme specifically designed for kids from 6 to 12 years old. These programmes usually include group lessons and occasional tournaments, which can help your kids develop their skills.

Investing in private lessons

Private lessons can be a great way for kids to learn the right technique and correct posture. A good instructor will be able to correct or prevent any bad habits that your kids have developed and teach them how to swing correctly.

Playing with better players

Encourage your children to step outside their comfort zone and play a round with golfers who are better players than them. This is a great way for kids to learn and improve their game. They will be able to see how the better players approach the game and pick up some useful tips along the way. Just make sure they do not get intimidated or frustrated by the experience.

Practice makes perfect

The only way for anyone to get better at golf is to practise as much as possible. If you have a garden, set up a makeshift driving range or putting green so the kids can practise whenever they feel like it.

Help them set goals

Help your kids set realistic goals for their golf game, giving them something to strive for and helping them track their progress over time. This can be a mixture of attainable short-term goals and a couple of long-term goals. By helping your kids to set realistic goals, you give them direction and teach them to be accountable. There are many life skills that kids can learn in golf, such as self-discipline, self-motivation, cooperation, and perseverance, to name but a few.


Golf can be a great hobby for families with kids of all ages. It’s a sport that teaches patience, concentration, and etiquette. It’s also a great way for kids to spend time outdoors and get some exercise. Best of all, golf is a great outdoor activity in winter as much as in summer. So, if your kids are showing an interest in golf, we hope that our beginner’s guide to golfing with kids will help you to get them started. Good luck!

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