Traveling to North Korea, These Rules Must Be Followed!

North Korea has long been known as a country that is very closed to the outside world. We don’t know much about the country led by Kim Jong-Un.

This country is known to have very strict rules for its citizens, especially for tourists. The number of tourists who may enter is also limited. Foreign tourists who want to travel there must also follow a multitude of regulations.

Because, you will not be free to do things as you please like when traveling to other countries. So, are you curious about the rules that must be obeyed by tourists when visiting North Korea? Here’s the review.

It is mandatory to use an official government travel guide

Tourists must use an official travel guide from the government. Shortly after arriving at the airport, tourists will be immediately greeted by the guide, who will faithfully follow every step you go. Starting from leaving the hotel room to returning to the hotel room. It’s scary too.

It is forbidden to talk about politics and religion

Setting foot in North Korea, all tourists are “unlawful” by law to talk about politics. Not only that, tourists are also prohibited from talking and doing things related to religion in public spaces. For example, praying in public or going around carrying certain religious scriptures. Wow!

It is mandatory to use a tourist visa

You can only apply for a tourist visa once. A tourist visa includes a complete package, which contains an official travel guide from the government, hotel or inn, travel expenses and meal costs. In addition, the country where tourists come from must also have diplomatic relations with North Korea. This is indicated by the presence of an embassy in the country.

Must use North Korean airlines

There are 2 accesses to enter North Korea, namely by air and by train. For tourists originating from the United States and Israel, the only permitted transportation is using Air Kyoto airlines and must transit in Beijing, China.

Tourists are prohibited from mentioning “North Korea”

Another rule that is no less odd is that all tourists are prohibited from calling the country “North Korea”. The allowed name is “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” or DPRK for short.

Tourists are prohibited from using North Korean currency

When making transactions, tourists cannot use the North Korean Won currency. The currencies allowed for tourists are Euros, Yuan, South Korean Won and United States Dollars.

Do not speak negatively about the country, people or leaders of North Korea

Talking negatively about North Korea is a fatal thing. If caught, the North Korean government could consider it a serious offence. As much as possible in every place, foreign tourists should always praise North Korea.

Tourists cannot take pictures carelessly

Tourists are actually allowed to bring cameras. However, don’t expect to be able to take pictures as you like when visiting other countries.

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